Launching a European Hearing Health Strategy

The Hearing Health Forum EU is proud to present its Policy Manifesto to launch a European Hearing Health Strategy. Hearing health policies across EU member states are rare, increasing the detrimental health and socio-economic effects of untreated hearing loss.

Calling the European Commission for Action

With this Policy Manifesto, we call on the European Commission to focus on raising awareness of hearing loss, ensuring effective early prevention strategies across the EU on a national level, improving access to appropriate hearing care and treatment and supporting research that facilitates evidence-based policymaking.

People living with hearing loss need support from European institutions and national governments to be equally included in society, the labour market, and healthcare services. The effective management of hearing health through prevention strategies, screening, diagnosis, interventions and treatment options, rehabilitation, and support is vital. Prioritising hearing loss in health policy agendas will allow children and adults to reach their potential, Europe’s elderly to actively age and ensure the long-term sustainability of our healthcare systems and society at large.

What Can Policymakers Do?

We call on the European Commission’s units specialised in health, employment, social policies, to launch a Hearing Health Strategy based on the HEAR pillars:

  • Hearing loss awareness
  • Early Prevention
  • Access and care
  • Research

Read the full Policy Manifesto and sign it!