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Latest Hearing Loss News

1) New hearing loss and cognition campaign launched

A new campaign created by the Hearing Health Forum EU members, Gamian Europe, and Alzheimer's Europe aims to raise awareness of the relationship between hearing loss and cognitive health.

You can read more on our LinkedIn page where we've shared the campaign's latest social media cards. You might also be interested in learning more about hearing loss in adults on our website.

2) World Report on Hearing launched

The World Report on Hearing, created by the World Health Organization, sets clear recommendations to achieve hearing and ear care as part of universal health coverage.

Read our synopsis of the report in our latest LinkedIn post

3) New Statement of Intent on ageing and hearing loss

"Ageing and hearing care sectors join forces to raise awareness of the link between hearing and healthy ageing, and the importance of improving access to hearing care for older adults."

International Federation on Ageing (IFA)

The Hearing Health Forum EU support the IFA's Statement of Intent, which aims to improve access to hearing care for adults:

  1. Increase awareness and tackle stigma
  2. Synthesize and disseminate knowledge to change practice in the context of healthy ageing
  3. Articulate economic advantages of hearing care and elevating hearing loss as a public health concern
  4. Promote equity and access to hearing care
  5. Apply evidence to guide actions

We've shared the full Statement of Intent on our LinkedIn page

4) EU Cognitive Decline Workshop recognises hearing loss as the primary modifiable risk factor of dementia

It is estimated that 9.1 million people in Europe are living with dementia.  With this number expected to double by 2040 it poses a challenge for healthcare systems and policy makers in Brussels.   

However, there are preventative steps that can be taken against cognitive decline by addressing the 12 modifiable risk factors.  Did you know that hearing loss is the number one modifiable risk factor? Because untreated hearing loss deprives the brain of stimulation from communication, it can increase the risk of dementia by as much as 8%.

In response the Hearing Health Forum EU (HHFEU) hosted the EU Cognitive Decline Workshop with leading cognitive health organizations to shape an awareness campaign.

Read more on our LinkedIn page where we post the latest HHFEU articles

5) First European surgery of totally implantable cochlear implant

In our bid to bring you the latest hearing loss news, we're excited to share that in September 2020, the first person in Europe received a novel totally implantable cochlear implant (TICI).  Implanted by Prof. Dr. Philippe Lefebvre, it forms part of a feasibility study that could change the field of hearing implants for people with severe to profound hearing loss.

Prof Dr Lefebvre, head of the ENT Department of the CHU of Liège and Professor at the University of Liège in Belgium

The TICI system, produced by MED-EL, places the internal and external components of a cochlear implant system in one device, which is placed underneath the skin.

We tested the implant after surgery and are thrilled that everything is working as expected. Modern cochlear implant technology has been evolving at an impressive pace, delivering outstanding hearing results. The TICI is a milestone within the field of cochlear implantation. It has been a wish from the early days of cochlear implantation to be able to integrate all components within an internal device.

Prof. Dr. Philippe Lefebvre

Several more surgeries with the device will follow in Liège and Munich as part of the clinical feasibility study. As a result, it will take several years before it receives full market approval and becomes more widely available.

6) Landmark consensus on the treatment of adult hearing loss with a cochlear implant

The first ever global consensus on the use of cochlear implants as the minimum standard of care for adults with bilateral severe, profound, or moderate sloping to profound hearing loss has been published. The paper, authored by an independent panel of hearing experts, includes 20 consensus statements, covering seven core themes;

  • Awareness of cochlear implants;
  • Best practice clinical pathway for diagnosis;
  • Best practice guidelines for surgery;
  • Clinical effectiveness of cochlear implants;
  • Factors associated with post-implantation outcomes;
  • The relationship between hearing loss and depression, cognition and dementia; and
  • Cost implications of cochlear implants.

Read the Key Points and Abstract or more about hearing loss in adults

“Initiatives like this will help us to tackle the silent burden of severe hearing loss, to prioritise hearing loss as a public health challenge and to raise awareness of the condition.”

Dr. techn. DDr. med. h.c. Ingeborg Hochmair, CEO, MED-EL

7) Cochlear implant company wins TRIGOS Award 2020

MED-EL, leading expert for hearing solutions, recently received Austria’s most prestigious award for corporate social responsibility. The TRIGOS Award from the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) recognised MED-EL’s healthcare project to improve hearing loss diagnosis and rehabilitation in Bangladesh and Côte d'Ivoire.