The Hearing Health Forum EU is a partnership of hearing loss and health organisations and NGO's. We work together to improve access to hearing technology for over 196 million European citizens who live with hearing loss.  You can learn more about our mission by visiting our About Us page.

If you'd like learn more about hearing loss in Europe and its impact on adults, children, and economies, you can request more information by using the 'Get Info' feature below.

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We're grateful to our core partners, MED-EL, Hearring Group, and EURO-CIU for their expert advice and guidance.

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This initiative is supported by MED-EL who are an Austrian implantable hearing technology company. The company assists our work as part of their mission to remove hearing loss as a barrier to communication. With the help of scientists and specialists worldwide, the privately owned business supports people living with hearing loss in over 120 countries.